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Viewpoint counsellors are highly skilled trained professionals who appreciate that a strong therapeutic relationship is key to effective counselling. We invite you to have a look at our gallery of therapists to see which therapist you feel is the best fit for your current needs. You can contact the therapist you feel is the best fit for you through the email link located on their individual profile, or email us at info@vpcp.ca and we will connect you to the most appropriate therapist for your concerns.

Diana Gudim

Registered Psychologist

Email: diana@vpcp.ca | Phone: 403.869.4936

Email: diana@vpcp.ca
Phone: 403.869.4936

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Nicki Rimke

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Email: nicki@vpcp.ca | Phone: 403.689.4317

Email: nicki@vpcp.ca
Phone: 403.689.4317

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Dr. Reana Saraceni PhD

Registered Psychologist

Email: reana@vpcp.ca| Phone: 587-577-2844

Email: reana@vpcp.ca
Phone: 587-577-2844

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Jenn Labrecque

Registered Social Worker

Email: jenn@vpcp.ca | Phone: 403-870-8665

Email: jenn@vpcp.ca
Phone: 403-870-8665

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Jennifer Smith

Registered Psychologist

Email: jennifer@vpcp.ca | Phone: 587.328.0110

Email: jennifer@vpcp.ca
Phone: 587.328.0110

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Nancy Bergeron

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Email: nancy@vpcp.ca | Phone: 587.404.0588

Email: nancy@vpcp.ca
Phone: 587.404.0588

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Dr. Taylor McInnes PhD

Registered Psychologist

Email: taylor@vpcp.ca | Phone: 403.891.2052

Email: taylor@vpcp.ca
Phone: 403.891.2052

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Nicole Bradac

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Email: nicole@vpcp.ca | Phone: 403.708.7620

Email: nicole@vpcp.ca
Phone: 403.708.7620

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