Therapy FAQ’s

Why would I get counselling?

Many people take advantage of counselling services as part of healthy self-care. As we learn more about how the mind functions, we are discovering new ways to treat depression, anxiety, addictions, and other mental health issues. People no longer have to suffer alone as they struggle with managing the challenges of normal daily life. Just as a doctor is trained to assist with physical ailments, or a chiropractor can treat back problems, a counsellor or psychologist can provide expert guidance regarding emotional or mental health concerns.

Why Viewpoint Counselling Psychology?

In addition to years of academic training specific to treating mental health issues, the counsellors at Viewpoint Counselling Psychology have professional and personal experiences, which make them empathetic, compassionate, and understanding in regards to the uniqueness of every situation. Each person who comes through the Viewpoint Counselling Psychology door is treated as a distinct, valued individual, and he or she can expect to receive unparalleled respect, confidentiality, and dignity.

What does counselling cost?

The fee for services at Viewpoint Counselling Psychology Inc. is based on the schedule of fees as set by the Psychologists Association of Alberta and the Alberta College of Social Work.

The fee depends on the therapist’s qualifications (please ask your therapist about their fees).  The rate is typically between $150 and $190 per session. Many employee health plans reimburse these fees. It is the client’s responsibility to submit receipts for services to their insurance provider. Remember, your first 30-minute consultation at Viewpoint Counselling Psychology is FREE!

My counsellor has me fill out forms before and after every session, why do I need to do this?

At Viewpoint Counselling Psychology, forms are used as a tool to assess how you are feeling before and after each session. By evaluating these brief questionnaires, your counsellor can determine if counselling is meeting your needs and also allows your counsellor to tailor his or her therapeutic strategies to enhance your progress.

Why does my counsellor want me to do homework between sessions?

The fact that you have come in for counselling suggests that you are advocating for your own well-being. We applaud your decision to help yourself with your current struggles. We support you in this endeavor by giving you tools that help you address your concerns of today and to give you confidence for managing future challenges. Initially, we will work together to set your personal goals for therapy. You will then be introduced to new strategies to help you attain your goals. As with every new skill, practice is required to become comfortable with the new strategy and to determine its effectiveness for your situation.

Practice brings results!

“The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, but in what direction we are moving.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes