Deep connections to others is part of being human. Our relationships are our source of love, validation, physical affection, and friendship. However, daily interactions with spouses, family, friends, and co-workers can also strain our patience, create frustration, and hinder our emotional well-being. Discord is a normal and expected part of relationships. Often disagreements are resolved satisfactorily without outside intervention. However, sometimes a conflict can escalate whereby communication breaks down and the relationship becomes strained.

Normal life changes can create distance in what used to be healthy interpersonal connections; young couples may lose intimacy with the arrival of a baby, parents may struggle with their children as the children enter adolescence, older couples may find their marriage tested when children leave home or upon retirement, friends may grow apart, and family members become disconnected. Health issues, financial crises, and cultural differences are just a few of the many other trials that can affect our relationships.

At Viewpoint Counselling Psychology, you will find an unbiased third party to help you and your loved ones navigate the rough areas in your relationships. Together we can develop strategies that will help restore harmony within your relationships.

“Our greatest joy – and our greatest pain comes in our relationships with others.”

Stephen R. Covey