Taylor McInnes

Feelings have their own kind of wisdom.

Author Unknown

Feelings have their own kind of wisdom.

Author Unknown

Dr. Taylor McInnes PhD

Registered Psychologist

Email: taylor@vpcp.ca
Phone: 403.891.2052

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Dr. Taylor McInnes is a Registered Psychologist and has a PhD in Clinical and Counselling Psychology. She works with clients who are experiencing depression, anxiety, interpersonal/relationship difficulties, adjustment issues, personality disorders, and struggles with meaning, self-actualization, and career. Her focus is on helping clients better understand how past experiences, avoided emotions, and interpersonal patterns may be contributing to and maintaining their distress and suffering. Through building awareness in the context of a non-judgmental and unconditionally accepting therapeutic relationship, clients are able to develop more flexible and adaptive ways of coping, learn new ways of relating to others in their lives, develop skills, and experience deeper connection, acceptance, and respect for themselves and their emotions.

Dr. McInnes works primarily from an integrative psychodynamic perspective, complemented by her additional training in emotion-focused, existential, and interpersonal therapies.

In addition to individual therapy, Dr. McInnes also provides couples therapy and has completed the Level 2 Clinical Training of Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She works with couples to improve communication and emotional connection, to learn more adaptive ways of managing conflict, to move through difficult life events and transitions, and to recover from affairs and other attachment injuries.

Dr. McInnes is an active and engaged therapist who will listen deeply and provide direct feedback to help you achieve lasting and meaningful change.

In her free time she enjoys exploring the great outdoors with friends and family!

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