Chronic Pain

When you suffer from chronic pain you often feel alone and vulnerable. Your pain may impede your everyday living, prevent you from working, or from enjoying things that you used to give you pleasure.  Chronic pain can isolate you from friends and family, as they do not understand what it is like to live with pain on a daily basis.  People, although well-meaning, may have lost patience with your limitations or suggested that your pain is all “in your head,” unknowingly crushing your already disheartened spirit.

Counsellors at Viewpoint Counselling Psychology work from the position that your pain is genuine and unique to your situation.  We understand that your pain affects all aspects of your wellbeing including your emotional health. Using compassion, realistic strategies, and practical problem-solving techniques we will help you gain greater control of your pain allowing you to move towards the life you thought you lost.

“Pain is inevitable,
suffering is optional.”

Buddhist Monk